Are You Standing in the Shadows?

Black Eyed Susan
Black-eyed Susan works to free you from the amnesia of automatic reactions

Where are you right now? Are you where you want to be? Are you doing what you want to do? Are you being what you want to be? Are you on hold waiting for “your turn”? Is there one more thing before you can do the thing that you really want to do? More importantly is there always one more thing?

What is that mechanism which keeps you from stepping in and stepping up? Are you afraid by stepping in you will step in it?  Is it your fear of stepping up you become more visible? Is it your fear of being alone? Is it your fear of someone saying or feeling something negative about you? Is it your fear of appearing different? What keeps you in the shadow of your greatest self?

Mimulus essence is the essence for all known fears. For our purposes we will work with all the elements which contribute to the vast fears which stall your progression. We all experience this at one time or another to varying degrees. We can feel the fear and do it anyway or we can become paralyzed and do nothing.

Mimulus essence works by addressing the fear. Yes, it is there. Now what are we going to do about it. It balances out your response to the effects of fear.  Fear is fear and I like the definition I have heard over the years as F.E.A.R False evidence appearing real.  Mimulus essence frees you from your shadow of fear by fortifying you with the courage to be you.

Borage essence is personal courage. It has heart cleansing properties and helps to clear away the effects of emotional residue. Emotional residue stifles responses and growth and limits our ability to move forward. Borage essence has a beautiful way in lifting our energy to what will support us. We often feel over burdened by the weight of our disappointment and despair. It frees you to be you by freeing your heart to be you.

Borage essence counterbalances the tendencies to be bogged down by the weight of the world. Its clarifying nature adjusts our perceptions and frees our hearts to soar. It shifts the focus from “I don’t know how I can!” to “why can’t I?” Borage essence fortifies the courage of the heart to step out of the shadows and in to the light.

Black-Eyed Susan is an emotional reagent. It helps you to lock on to the hidden part of yourself which may be preventing you from being all you can be. You may find yourself adversely reacting to something long ago hidden in your constellation. You may even know what it is but its unseen forces seem to be driving you.

Black-eyed Susan works to free you from the amnesia of automatic reactions. It restores your personal insight as to what, who and why you get triggered or driven by forces seemingly beyond your control. Black-eyed Susan essence frees you from the shadow of your psyche allowing full access to your gifts.

Rock Rose essence is for when you just freeze. You are afraid to do anything. Rationally this essence is used for fears and phobias which can be extreme and limiting. However, it can also be used when you can’t move forward or backward. You feel stuck and scared and can’t make a step. When our flight or fight mechanism is activated we can freeze. This reaction serve us by helping us think where to and what next.

Rock Rose unfreezes us. We can still be scared and we can still be stifled by our emotions and we can move forward any way. This remedy lends peace and tranquility to our challenges and helps us to put them in perspective. Rock Rose allows you to mobilize your forces. Rock Rose essence unfreezes the shadow of fear.

Angelica essence is your guardian angel essence. Whenever you fear or hold yourself back or feel like ‘you can’t”, this essence reminds you that you can. Angelica acts to reconnect you with your guidance and your divinity. It has protective qualities as it lends its divine protection.

Angelica essence helps us to become more aware of when we are cut off. We can become so overstressed and focused on what is not happening or what is going wrong; we can lose our connection to anything other than our problems and challenges. Angelia essence reminds us that we have a whole other world that can aid and assist us in untold ways. Angelica essence frees us from the shadow and illusion that we are all alone.

Black Cohosh essence is helpful for when you choose to be in the shadows due to dealing with an abusive or negative relationship. There is either the element of fear or apprehension with showing your true self or moving forward. You may find yourself retreating rather than confronting what is best for you.

Black Cohosh essence teaches us how to balance our fear with our strength. The key word with the essence is confrontation. This doesn’t mean you have to confront the bully before you are ready, it means showing you how to have access to the internal resources which will allow you to stop hiding in fear whether from yourself or others. Black Cohosh essence helps to free you from adhering to your own shadow.

So many of us have exactly what the tools we need but don’t realize it. We are waiting for some internal readiness to activate us in to action. We can end of waiting for a long long time and many of us do. We can’t see clearly or don’t trust what we see. We let the shadow side of persons, places, situations and things dictate our experience. Look at what’s in your shadow. Does it need light? Does it need clarity? Does it need a little push? Does it need you to learn how to see in the darkness and adjust your vision? Or does it just need you to open the door? 

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