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Crossroad in lavender meadow and with tree alone

I’ve been working as an intuitive practitioner ( aka psychic) for the last 20 plus years. We are a quirky lot. We have our rituals not necessarily Wiccan or pagan but often times more of the OCD mix. Some of us do Reiki or other forms of energy practice. I personally get obsessed with cleansing and keep clear. I feel it is it is imperative to start with each client clear and not muddied by anyone’s emotional residue.

We read your energy. We pull your cords (attachments to the emotions and energies of other people) which may or may not be beneficial to your well being. We assist you on your path.We have potions for your emotions. We help you to “see” more because we all have our blind spots. No matter how intuitive or intelligent we are we are still operating from a particular point of view.  Most of the time we get you out of your own way.

Yes, we can feel more and see more and so can you. It is a matter of where you put your attention. Try this for homework and I so love to give homework! Intuitive and tuning in only works when you exercise its muscle.

Back to homework. For the next week, play the game of “who is calling next?”

Yes we all have some sort of caller  ID on our devices and when we hear the alert of the bing or the beep, stop before you look and tune in to who may be calling. Yes, it will feel like logical guessing but just try it. You may be surprised. If you are more the analytic type you can even keep a tally. Just play and tune in and allow your extra senses to activate.

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