Break through the “have to” !


I had an amazing breakthrough with the Bach flower Oak. I often experiment with a single essence to feel the full and profound effects of their gifts. I was challenged with meeting a lot of responsibilities and not feeling I was moving through them fast enough. I feel many of us are exhausted by how much we have to do in a single day. We are commited to our schedules including work, families, food, exercise, fun and somewhere in there only if possible rest…

We are tired before our feel hit the floor as we scramble out of bed in the morning. Our “have to”is our burden. We “have to” do this and we “have to” do that. All competing for  utmost importance and it all has to be done some time today! I realized that the concept of the “have to” was creating the extra burden.

I started taking the Oak essence to see how it would affect my sense of responsibility.  I was stunned to notice after about two days that I was effortlessly organizing myself. My list of priority adjusted according to the needs of the hours and the day. Instead of agnozing over when ,where and how to squeeze the most I could out of my schedule, my schedule seemed to flow without the heavy lifting.

I felt I could breathe and allowed myself the luxury or feeling in the flow. Oddy enough at the end of the week, I felt I had accomplished so much more without the wear and tear…

This Oak essence demonstated the power of working smarter not harder and getting out of my own “have to” way…

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